Kitchen renovation

Kitchen Repair is a complex construction and repair service that includes a wide range of repairs.

Many skills, practice in the field of construction and a desire for quality performance are required.

Different tools and appliances are needed to accomplish the tasks.

Kitchen Repair - List Building Services

The kitchen is a room with plumbing pipes and sewerage, as is the bathroom, so special attention needs to be paid to the quality of the tasks.The entire list of construction services is:

- Consultation and consideration of possible options

- Internal partition walls or wall brickwork

- Sewerage and plumbing

- Cement floor screed with reinforcement mesh(preparation for flooring)

- Laying electrical wiring

- Gluing tiles on the floor(if there are siphons - with a minimum slope)

- Sicking tiles on the walls(if necessary)

- Grouting tiles

- Plastering of walls and ceilings

- Priming and painting walls and ceilings

- Installation of a flow or kitchen boiler(when independent heating of the water is necessary)

- Installation of a heater for heating(when needed)

- Installation of cabinet with sink

- Installation of lower and upper kitchen cabinets(above the sink, corner cabinets, etc.)

- Furniture, tables and more.

- Installation of mixers and batteries(*one - handed mixers can not be completely drained and freeze at freezing temperatures if the house / house is not heated in the winter)

Other activities that are unique to the particular project and building site

Kitchen renovation

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